Social Media

Your website comes equipped with numerous social media tools to maximize communications with your constituents. These include but are not limited to:

  • E-Subscriber Notifications: Create numerous mini list-serves on a variety of topics that allow constituents to receive updates automatically via email.  Topics include Urgent Alerts, News, Department Announcments, Meeting Minutes and Meeting Agendas.
  • Facebook: You can automatically post your website news to your Facebook account to avoid extra work.
  • Twitter: You can automatically post your website alerts to your Twitter account to avoid extra work.
  • You Tube: Municipal You Tube channels and/or video posts can be integrated within your web pages.
  • RSS Feeds: Each page comes with an RSS feed for visitors wishing to receive page updates.
  • Blogs: Your website comes equipped with blogging capabilities.
  • Share This Page: Visitors can share each page with others via dozens of socal media applications.

You also have the option of embedding any of your social media applications (such as Facebook or Twitter) into your website.