Our Six Primary Reasons

There are 6 primary reasons VTS celebrated our 5th record year in a row for new client growth in 2015.

  1. We Fully Understand Your Needs:  Our focus from Day 1 has only been on the municipal sector.  We are not a design shop looking to build anyone a website.
  2. We Offer the Latest Technology:  Our Drupal based CMS is state-of-the-art.  As technology evolves, we will make the necessary investments to stay current with the latest features.
  3. Easy Access to Core Information:  It is imperative your site navigation is direct and intuitive;  visitors search websites differently so it is crucial there are multiple access points to the same information.
  4. Easy to Update & Maintain:  Your website is dynamic, and in need of ongoing updating to meet constituent expectations.  We understand staffs are shorthanded and time constrained, so we made sure content editing is very simple and intuitive.
  5. Superb Customer Service: The backbone of our client relationships is our ongoing customer service.  When your new website goes live, we continue to engage you with unlimited user support, monthly training webinars, user group meetings and technology conferences.
  6. A Reasonable Cost:  We are nowhere near your most expensive option.  We offer an outstanding value for our technology and our bundle of services; we even let you spread your development costs over multiple years at your option.