Email, VoIP, and Internet Access

Our business partner, Kannon Communications, provides a variety of email and networking services.  Please join Kannon for a short 20 minute webinar for a quick overview of the following services.

Tuesday, February 13, 10 a.m.

Kannon Communications Logo

1.  Email Services:  Email, secure file sharing, collaboration for and within the town offices via FirstClass

FirstClass is a secure, private email and collaboration system that has desktop, mobile and web interfaces for enhanced flexibility and ease of use. Your messages and files are your own, and not subject to data mining or advertising. Low annual cost includes archiving for legal requirements.  It also comes with strong spam filtration and virus protection.

2. Internet access - high speed bandwidth - at very competitive pricing.

Through a partnership with Boston based iNet Communications, Kannon Communications can provide solid high speed Internet at very competitive prices, for town offices or outlying buildings. Bandwidth doesn't have to be expensive and Kannon can help.

3.  Hosted VoIP

Your telephone system is your lifeblood. Hosted Voice over IP can enhance your telephony while taking away the hassle of running your own phone system. Kannon works with iNet Communications to provide a robust telephone system in the cloud, with low per-month pricing per line, and advanced features such as the ability to make and receive calls on your office line from your cell phone or other device. We can even connect it to your FirstClass email for even stronger collaboration.

4.  SIP trunking (replace expensive copper phone lines - PRI -with phone lines over Internet)

If your office telphone lines are "copper" PRI, you're paying a fixed monthly rate for a block of lines, whether you are using them all or not. SIP trunking replaces the copper with the Internet lines you're paying less for, and you pay for what you need, potentially saving hundreds of dollars per year.

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